Maraz Studios

Hot colors, cool porcelain


This is the web site of Maraz Studios, featuring the porcelain art work of Margie Razar, one of today's foremost china painters.  The site will attempt to present the breadth and depth of the work done by the artist. Pictures represent past and present work which is not necessarily for sale unless so specified.  The artist is always available to discuss, design and produce gift ware, presentation pieces, commission artwork, and home decor.  Since each piece is hand painted and therefore unique, you are guaranteed to have a one of a kind artwork.  We hope you love it as much as the artist loved painting it!

Bold, vibrant colors delineated with gold are the unique marks of a Margie Razar hand painted piece. Maraz Studios is a fine art business that has grown from local exposure to nationwide sales and exhibitions across the country. Named a premiere Illinois artist by Governor Ryan in 2001 and 2002, and featured in the magazine, “Artists of Illinois”, Margie has developed a reputation as an ethical, reliable, and responsible independent business owner. Her work has garnered many awards and accolades including being selected for display at the Museum of the World Organization of China Painters in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

Using china paints, lusters, precious metals and enamels, and with the glazed porcelain as her canvas, Margie uses a freehand technique to create brightly colored distinctive pieces of artwork. She strives for her work to emanate energy, through bold color and design that connects the artist to the beholder. It is this connection that drives her passionate obsession with china painting.
Locally, her work can be purchased at Pieces in Highland Park, Illinois, Hamakor Gallery in Skokie and all four of the State of Illinois Artisan Shops located across the state including Springfield and Chicago. Her artwork is also featured in galleries in New York, Pennsylvania, California, and Arizona and has graced the covers of the catalogue, The Source of Everything Jewish, for Passover 2006 and Rosh Hashanna 2006. For further information or questions please contact Margie at: or use the form under contact us for an email or telephone reply.